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    We are a recreational 21+ and medically endorsed cannabis retail store located in the heart of the beautiful Walla Walla wine country.

    The Walla Walla Cannabis Company redefines the world of cannabis retail through unprecedented warmth, service and a committed selection of curated products that focus on pesticide-free flower and a betterment of the planet.


    We partner with growers who produce cannabis responsibly, and strive to protect the consumer by making sure the cannabis they choose is a healthy high. By knowing our growers and their growing methods, we can feel good about, and accurately represent what we are selling.

    We proudly offer sun-grown products and support farmers with environmentally green, sustainable practices.


    We believe that cannabis has the power to heal, and are pleased to offer medical cards to qualified patients.

    Because we staff several Department of Health certified consultants, we are confident you’ll find the products and expertise at Walla Walla Cannabis Co. to inform decisions based on your medical needs.

    • Had an experience of a lifetime really great atmosphere a great outfit all around had lots of options show me what they had and explain the most of their stuff can be explain their vendors where they are and what they do as well as their new techniques and process of Edibles hand wax definitely deserves five stars.

      ~ Donald Nelson

    • I live in the Tri-cities, an hour away. The staff was great!! Very helpful and knowledgeable. They were very friendly and kind!! I will make the trip often!!!

      ~Judi Benboe

    • This was my first visit to this dispensary and have only good things to say about it. Shout out to all the budtenders that worked there at the time of my visit. I love how they are locally owned and really do care about their customers. They answered all my questions about the different flowers and even discussed the history of the company. Their prices are very reasonable and had a large selection of flowers. I will definitely make another trip to the shop when I'm in Walla Walla again. Keep up the great work!

      ~Denial Not Accepted

    • BEST pot shop in the country!! SAFE, quality products. I’m so glad this shop exists, it’s nice buying weed and not worrying about if your smoking cyanide or something that’s going to give you cancer down the road, like so many growers put in their stuff. I love all the growers they carry. Just when I think I’m not going to find something as good as the last, I do. I went from smoking super high thc, to barely nothing THC/high CBD, and now I found a good go inbetween the two, with three amazing growers/products to choose from!! I have been a regular for years now and will always be, keep it up WWCC!!!

      ~Mia J

    • An oasis in a charming town. Beautiful on the outside and filled with knowledgeable, helpful staff to help you navigate the wide range of products available there. I am old-school so it was much appreciated. Also, the recommended treats I ended up with were so perfect, I went back the next day to stock up on my limit. FYI... there's a handy cash machine inside this little gem.

      ~Lisa Macias