Kate’s Picks

Enjoying cannabis since: 2010

Favorite New Item

Ready to Mix drink powder

from Fairwinds

All the flavors are sure to please, but I’d have to say my favorite is the purple haze grape. It’s a nice blend of THC and CBD for a nice relaxing high.


Hawaiian Snow

from Diosa Verde

I love uplifting “get it done” Sativas and this one is sure to please. The onset of euphoria was almost instant and gave me the motivation needed to get things done.


Lebanese Red Hash


a beautiful addition to any bowl. I like to break a few pieces off for a nice euphoric boost. Also helps to make a little bud go a long way.


Legal Sodas

Cranberry and Lemon Ginger are my favorites. When it comes to edibles I love consuming drinks. They are refreshing, tasty and easy to dose if preferred.


High THC

from Bodhi Essentials

fast acting and applies nicely. I like that it’s not too oily and absorbs fast. I also like the fact that they infuse other helpful hers and essential oils.


Bubbly Pink Champagne

from Diosa Verde

This preroll packs a pleasant uplifting punch infused with bubble has and perfect for beautiful sunny days and getting outside.