Mikaela’s Picks

Mikaela’s Picks


Dutch Treat

from Eagle Trees

Dutch Treat + coffee + meditation = instant mood lift and motivation for the day!


Release Cartridge

from Fairwinds

with a clean, herbal taste this vape will instantly uplift and relax you. It's specially formulated for stress and anxiety relief with about a 5:1 CBD to THC ratio and anxiety relieving cannabis terpenes and essential oils. Vaping offers almost instant and controllable results and can be done discreetly. With moderate use Release isn't inebriating and will help you calm down enough to really enjoy life.


Happy Apple Cider

Washington apple mixed with Washington weed for an exceptionally enjoyable high.


Lifestyle Sativa/Indica

from Fairwinds

Relax with the Indica or energize with the Sativa, these easy to dose THC medications are discreet and a wonderful option for those who want to medicate or get stoned. The experience will be literal bliss and relief from your worries and pains.


Super Joints

from CannaSol

These Super Joints make any occasion special. Packed with premium Flower, coated with Co2 distillate and rolled in kief. The Super Joints are packed in a flattering glass tube to show off the layer of sticky kief and the smoke will not disappoint.