Megan’s Picks

Megan’s Picks

Budtending since: 2015  |  Enjoying cannabis since: 2006

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I can’t speak enough about our HONU bathbombs… There are two kinds - an invigorating mint that will harmonize your soul, and a lavender for relaxing! They are both amazing to help with sore muscles and pain of the body.


Ethiopian Banana

from KIONA

Let’s talk about all the aches and pains the cold weather brings out. Just light up a pipe full of this strain. This 1:1 blend special! It brings users a great life enhancing experience without disorienting effects.


distilled oil

from Nectar Craft

Try it as a refill in a cartridge or make some sweet treats for the Holiday season! Comes in Sativa, Hybrid, Indica and CBD. We have it all!


Happy Apple Cider

Colder weather is here! It’s time to bust out the fuzzy blanket and make a Happy Apple HOT cider. Heat under your fuzzy blanket and sip on your nice warm cider and watch a movie or read and enjoy!


Kush Kiss Lip Balm

from Green Revolution

Winter is upon us that means chapped lips are going to need all the love and care. Try Kanna Kiss to sooth all the pain of sore and chapped lips. Also good for minor cuts and abrasions.


SITKA infused joints

Can we take a minute and talk about the SITKA infused joints! They are amazing and there is a great variety of them. My favorite is the Fruity Pebbles…one word: Yummy!