Huston’s Picks

Huston’s Picks

Budtending since: April 2017  |  Enjoying cannabis since: 2003

Favorite New Item

Craft C-Cell Cartridges


C-cell is highly compatible with pretty much any pen. The CBN cartridge designed as a sleep aid is amazing and fast-acting.


Mixed Trim

from Diosa Verde

The perfect ratio for creative endeavors like writing and making music. It is the golden ratio to a wandering mind on an otherwise lazy day.


Release Cartridge


Designed for PTSD & Anxiety, this cartridge takes the edge off a stressful day or de-escalates a full-blown panic attack within minutes. My favorite product in the store.


Relief 1000

from Green Revolution

This has a higher % THC than Relief 250, with the additional benefit of added terpenes.


Transdermal Salve

from Nectar

The perfect ratio for muscle/nerve/joint pain. Great mixture for deeper tissue relief.


Ringo’s Gift

from Walden

Super calming and relieving, nearly a 20:1 CBD to THC ratio, very uncommon in flower form.