Doreane’s Picks

Doreane’s Picks

Favorite New Item

Powder Hound Pearl Cartridge

Great for getting stuff done or hanging out with friends, not to mention the yummy flavor.



from Flower Curator

Perfect for Wake and Bake with a heady high, but still focused! And what could be better than Walla Walla grown?


Duct Tape Terp Sugar

from Bodhi High

Wonderful Hybrid that has big flavor with a nice body and mind high, great for chilling out.


Happy Apple 100mg

Made with WA apples and Cannabis it’s a great way to have a nice day and an even better sleep when it’s all over with. Love enjoying it ice cold on the patio in my garden.


CBD Topical

from Bodhi High

I use it for everything! Perfect for muscle pain, but also works well for my Psoriasis, great for cuticles and nails as well as an incredible lip moisturizer.


Lebanese Gold (Sativa)

from Sitka

Super smooth, uplifting, put a smile on my face right away and the high lasts longer than most.