Megan’s Picks

Budtending since: 2015  |  Enjoying cannabis since: 2006

Favorite New Item

Velvet Swing

Velvet Swing is the perfect lubricant for a sensual time. It takes 5-20 minutes to feel the heightened sensitivity. Great for use by yourself or with a partner. It is water soluble lubricant – which means toy and condom safe…swing into a good time!


Blueberry Headband

from Sweet As!

is a Indica hybrid. This high is very calm with some energy and creativity. Great for a chill night playing some game or doing an art project.


Green Crack

from Honey Tree Extracts

This is a Sativa dominant concentrate. This high is some wonderful mild sativa to help you get stuff done and stay motivated, nice and clear headed.


Thick Mint Cookie

from American Baked Company

This cookie is a great 10mg after-dinner treat which lends to more of a body high for me.


Skin Care

from Bodhi High

is a high CBD topical which works wonders for sun or wind burn from exposure throughout the year to the outdoors.


Moose & Lobsta Kief Cone

from Walden

is great Sativa for working out or doing fun high pace activities…if you know what I mean