Kelly’s Picks

Budtending since: 2017  |  Enjoying cannabis since: 2009

Favorite New Item


from Sitka

half a gram of hash filled to half a gram of joint with co2 oil. Everything good about the Sikar in a friendly new size!



from Green Barn Farms

the perfect strain to pair with a real glass, this spring flower is remarkably relaxing and uplifting for anytime feet should be kicked up!


Gorilla Glue Rosin

Farm Girl

freshly pressed 100% kief run Gorilla Glue rosin from Farm Girl is the cleanest and most authentic extract available.


Legal Soda

from Cranberry CBD to Cold Brew Sativa and many more flavors and effects in between, there’s a Legal Soda for every occasion!


Body Buzz Bath Salt

from Green Revolution

amazing whole-body pain relief, pairs great with Vertus Cannabis “Champagne”.


CBD Dancehall

from Puffin Farm

a flavorful, low THC, high CBD joint and is perfect for the double shift smoker when you just need to rejuvenate without the high.