Kelly’s Picks

Budtending since: 2017  |  Enjoying cannabis since: 2009

Favorite New Item

Cannabis Coffee!

from Olala

My new favorite way to enjoy cannabis! Place directly into a pod-friendly coffee machine or pour the freshly sealed grounds into any coffee maker for a rallying boost to help you seize the day! Contains Caffeine.


Loompa’s Headband

from Kiona

This rare OG X Sour Diesel strain is truly a champion of modern breeding. Grown exquisitely by Kiona THC in Benton City, this Loompa’s Headband easily took its place among some of my all-time favorite hybrids on the first try. With a quick, powerful, soaring high after just a few puffs, I highly recommend this strain for any connoisseur.


Yabba Dab Distillate

Super cheap, easy, and fun way to dab! Pick up a half gram or whole gram of distillate in a liquid dispenser that is ready to dab, drop on bowls, squeeze into the ends of prerolled joints, or even drop into your cartridges and dab pucks to finally get that last bit of oil! Save terps, save money!



from Goodship

These fluffy snickerdoodle cookies have 10mg of THC each, but the real magic is plenty of TLC! A pinch of warm Saigon cinnamon seals the deal for a wholesome and happy high every time! I recommend these cookies to anyone who enjoys edibles socially! Goodship was recently voted the Dope Industry Awards 2017 Best Edibles Company!


Kanna Kiss Chapstick

from Ethos

A great way to try a topical for the first time or on-the-go, 10mg of THC and 5mg of CBD are great for chapped lips of course, but I also like to use it for minor scrapes, burns, and even bug bites!


Roll-Your-Own Blunt Pack

from Sweet As!

Easy grab for the weekend! A gram and a half of Sweet As buds and an all hemp blunt wrap packaged together on sale for Joint Friday means you’ll still have buds and money for munchies!