Kelly’s Picks

Budtending since: 2017  |  Enjoying cannabis since: 2014


Triangle (OG) Kush

from Kiona

Kiona is the perfect example of how naturally grown cannabis is not only healthier, tastier, and beneficial to the environment, but truly offers a superior high. Highly recommend for any connoisseur.


Pre-activated ‘Rick Simpson Oil’

from Craft Elixirs

Single batch pre-decarboxylated 99% cane alcohol extracts from Craft Elixirs are an ideal bulk solution for any regular cannabis user. 1000mg dispensers are ready to measure into homemade baked goods, tinctures, topical salves, or even a freshly loaded bowl. A great way to mix things up and save money.


Cranberry 1:1 Tonic

from Legal Sodas

Equal doses of CBD and THC, this sparkling cranberry tonic is my favorite item in the store. A great way to try edibles for the first time, or revisit edibles if you’ve had bad luck in the past. Try a single serving and sip slow, or buy a higher dose and freeze them into ice cubes. I like to drop them into sparkling water for a healthy weeknight drink.


Muse Massage Oil

from Ethos

Cannabis-infused topicals are a great non-invasive way to try cannabis for physical relaxation without smoking or calories! Rub into the neck and shoulders or try with a partner for a great back massage.


Tin of Joints

from Sweet As!

One of my favorite ways to save money, buying SweetAs joints in the tins cuts the cost more than half! Having a nice clean joint waiting for you when you get home or ready to spark at the perfect moment when you’re going out is something you have to treat yourself to.