Kathleen’s Picks

Budtending since: 2018  |  Enjoying cannabis since: 2012

Favorite New Item

1:1 Sea Salt Chocolates by Goodship

are an amazing treat! Quality chocolates that give you just the right feeling of relaxation without knocking you out.


Himalayan Blackberry

from Soulshine Cannabis

a very nice flavorful bud with a nice sedative effect. My favorite Indica right now would recommend for a nighttime smoke.


Animal Cookies

from Bodhi High

even though it is a hybrid, it is still a current favorite as I find it is a more smooth and mellow high with great flavor!


Sea Salt Caramels

from Craft Elixirs

fruit chews are so yummy, and I love that they are different strains! Great for anytime!


1:1 Topical

from Nectar Craft

amazing for relief of my tension headaches and lower back pain!


Fruity Pebbles


This has fantastic terpenes, and a smoothness due to the concentrate in it. Nice even hybrid.