Huston’s Picks

Budtending since: April 2017  |  Enjoying cannabis since: 2003

Favorite New Item

Soulshine Flower

our only other indoor grow up besides Diosa Verde, Soulshine is well-priced while competing with the quality of the most premium bud.


Diosa Verde Shake

Always surprisingly potent and riddled with buds, I recommend this to anyone looking for a great flower to roll with.


High CBD Cartridges

Nectar Craft

Pine Tsunami has enormous CBD:THC ratio as high as 15:1 and the terpenes present in Nectar extracts make Nectar oils the tastiest around.


Lemon Ginger Indica by Legal Sodas

from Legal Sodas

Great way to end a long day. Goes well with gin – just don’t’ overdo it.


Transdermal Salve

from Nectar

Perfect ratio of CBD to THC for combating both joint and muscle pain. All of the pain relief with none of the psychoactive effects.



from Soulshine

Ewok is the perfect strain to smoke before playing “The Last of Us” on PS4 while your roommate watches and cries during the cut scenes.