Fawn’s Picks

Budtending since: May 2016  |  Enjoying cannabis since: Summer of 1976

Favorite New Item

CBD Companion

is the ticket for my buddy Rico. He becomes very anxious socially, 3 drops on a treat and he becomes Joe Cool.


Cthulu Kush

from Sunshine Co-Op

this flower is a creeper. A fun 60/40 Indica strain that has a high that keeps climbing, taking you to a nice daze where you can space out with a video game or wander out in Mother Nature. Took this strain to the Coast and it was perfect!



from Sitka Lebanese Hash

is the traditional type hash with the heavy hitting body high. I remember from smoking hash in high school.




this little jug of powder mixes well with sparkling water. Effervescent mild orange flavor. Great pick me up that gives your immune system a little boost!




is the best there is! Multiple uses besides pain relief! I use this golden miracle on my face. No need for a moisturizer. My skin is balanced for the first time. No more oily sheen. First effective product I have used for treatment of my adult acne.


9lb. Hammer

from Puffin Farms

this cone gave me heavy eyelids! Have not experienced this type of stone for years. I felt like I was hit with a hammer! Great end of day stain.