Fawn’s Picks

Budtending since: May 2016  |  Enjoying cannabis since: Summer of 1976

Favorite New Item

Eagle Tree Farms


Chunk Norris

from Eagle Trees

80/20 Indica. Chunk has an excellent body high, just don’t try to smoke out with Chunk. He will put you down!


Kryptonite distilled oil

from Nectar Craft

This CBD/THC oil is the bomb to cook with. Easily added to butter, you can make cookies, etc. I made snickerdoodles! Yummy! Very effective for pain.


Odd Duck Chocolates High CBD (all flavors)

These tasty Belgian chocolates are great for your high CBD needs. 10.10 mg CBD and 1.55mg THC in each piece.


Skin Care

Bodhi High

This skin cream has worked on my acne and has healed a friend’s plaque psoriasis. Wonderful, healing cream.


Sugar Black Rose

from Emerald Fields

fantastic taste! Very smooth, excellent body high.